Sunday, August 06, 2017

Artificial sweetener cyclamate

Cyclamates are substances derived from benzene. It was accidentally discovered in 1937 by Michael Sveda, a University of Illinois graduate student at the time.

This substance, which provides to be approximately 3 times sweeter than sugar, was first marketed in 1949 as sodium cyclamate in tablet form for use by diabetics. Cyclamate was introduced in the United States by Abbott Laboratory. It does have a significant bitter flavor component to it taste profile.
Cyclamate also has a salty attribute which is likely due to the high sodium ion concentration present in sweet solutions of sodium cyclamate. Cyclamates are produced by the sulfonation of cyclohexylamine.

Cyclamates were once commonly used in combination with saccharin; this not only masked the bitter ate of the saccharin and made both substances taste sweeter.
Artificial sweetener cyclamate

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