Positive features of glass bottle

The carbonated drink package requires a container that will hold pressure and not contribute off flavors. For many years virtually all carbonated soft drinks were packaged in glass bottles sealed with crown cork.

Glass, which is usually transparent, is an amorphous (non-crystalline) solid material which has a wide area of use for technological and decorative purposes. Glass bottles seem to be the safest option for food packaging and storage, since there is no possible transferal of contaminating chemicals.

Positive features of glass bottles for carbonated drinks:
*Reusable and recyclable. Glass recycling is also more environmentally friendly than plastic recycling, which can release toxic chemicals.

*Improved break resistance allows manufacturers to use thinner glass

*It has no permeability to gas, water vapor, odor and liquids.

*Maintenance of product freshness for a long period of time without impairing taste or flavor

*Useful for heat sterilization

*Rigid. It does not erode or degrade over time.

*Good insulation. Whether hot or cold, glass bottles hold liquids at a steady temperature more effectively than plastic. Glass can be used for liquids other than water without absorbing foreign flavors, odors, or colors.

*Production in numerous different shapes. They can be made in different forms, sizes and colors.

*Variations in glass color can protect light-sensitive contents.

*It is transparent, thus the product placed inside can be seen.

*Traditionally, beverages have been packaged in glass containers capped with a natural or plastic cork to limit oxygen intake and preserve the organoleptic quality of the beverage. Glass offers superior barrier performance to gases and vapors, high stability over time, transparency, and it can be easily recycled.

*Odorless and chemically inert. Glass packaging had the highest value in terms of preservation of the quality of food and was the only packaging material that could guarantee that there would be no toxic substance transfer from the package to the food.
Positive features of glass bottle

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