Soft drink brand: Mirinda

Mirinda is one of PepsiCo’s oldest beverage brands. The Mirinda is a brand of soft drink that was created in Spain in 1959 and it was a great representation of the local orange industry. PepsiCo purchased Mirinda in 1970 and it is primarily commercialized outside the United States.

The word Mirinda means "admirable" or "wonderful" in Esperanto. It became available in the United States in late 2003 and at first sold at a reduced price, to become a competitor against Coke's Fanta brand.

The Mirinida soda is available in a wide variety of fruit flavors. The most popular flavor by a wide margin is orange. Mirinda orange flavor is more popular among ladies and children.

Mirinda soft drink become essential brand in lifestyle of the consumers of soft drinks in the society although there are number of soft drink brands are available in the market. It generates the bulk of its sales internationally. The brand is most popular in Europe and the Middle East.
Soft drink brand: Mirinda

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