Glass bottle for carbonated beverages

The packaging of beverages both carbonated and non-carbonated, is a complex technological branch in the Food Processing /Packaging industry. The traditional returnable glass bottle has given way to newer plastic containers as well as cartons.

Although, the glass bottles means quality, Aluminum cans and PET bottles are still the first and second choices for most consumers. Carbonated soft drinks carbonated drinks packaging require ease openings, handling, and high gas barrier properties.

Glass bottles can be designed to accommodate higher pressures for products such as carbonated drinks, which is traditionally a high volume carbonation product. The level of carbonation will depend on design and wall thickness.

All carbonated soft drinks were packaged in glass bottles sealed with crown cork. This closure has a short skirt with 21 flutes which are crimped into locking position on the bottle head. The flutes are angled at 15° in order to maintain an efficient seal.

The bottles used in a glass bottle filling line can be either single-trip or returnable. Glass containers have the disadvantage of being breakable and sometimes heavy.
Glass bottle for carbonated beverages

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