Kola nut extract

In the 1890s in New Bern, North Carolina, a pharmacist named Caleb D. Bradham experimented with extracts of coca leaves, kola nuts, and sugar.

The seed of the Cola acuminata tree also was once one of the two active ingredients in the original Coca-Cola soft drink. The kola nut is not really a nut, but the edible seed of several species of evergreen trees.

These trees are native to the tropical rainforests of Africa, the nut is ether pink or yellow and is roughly the size of an unshelled walnut or a golf ball. The tree is constituent of the lowland forest requiring a hot, humid climate and capable of withstanding 3 months of dry season.

The kola nut’s active substances are caffeine, kolanin and theobromine. Kola nut is a stimulant in the digestive tract and for the combustion of body lipids and a mild aphrodisiac.
Kola nut extract

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