Thursday, December 28, 2017

Sprite marketing strategy

In 1985 Sprite decided to reposition as a better-tasting product. With the “I Like The Sprite in You” campaign featuring homemade videos by black youths in their late teens, Sprite overtook former leader 7-Up. Coca-Cola has been successful in such promotions because it spends a significant amount of money on ethnic consumer research.

Since 1994, Sprite has utilized the NBA property as the centerpiece of its fully integrated marketing strategy. They’ve woven he property into advertising, consumer promotions, packaging, publicity and special events The results have been startling:

Since the deal began, Sprite sales have grown at a pace that has far exceeded that of the soft drink category as whole for five straight years.

Sprite proved to have the fastest rising sales on the US soft drink market during 1997 and 1998. Sprite’s marketing strategy sought to get consumers – especially the youth market – to ignore image an “Obey their taste”. Whatever the medium, advertising for Coca-Cola has always reflected the mood and the look of the time.
Sprite marketing strategy

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