Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Inulin as sweetener

Inulin is extracted commercially from chicory root, which has high inulin content (15%).

Inulin is a linear molecule consisting of approximately 3-60 fructose units linked by β (2-1) bonds.

Inulin is soluble in water (maximum 10% at room temperature) and forms a gel-type structure. It does hydrolyze in acid conditions over time to produce fructose.

It is suitable as dietary bulking agents. They are low-calorie and non-cariogenic. Adding inulin increases the dietary fiber content of the food. Such additions are usually in the range of 3-6 g/portion, in extreme cases up to 10 g.

It can be incorporated into a large number of different food products, which retain their intrinsic flavor without alteration of texture or appearance.

It heat stable. In soft drinks it can produce similar mouthfeel and technical properties to glucose syrup.

Inulin has no sweetness and possesses a bland taste. Physiologically inulin behaves as a dietary fiber.

Inulin may also be used to stabilize flavors. About 3 to 5% of inulin may be used in low-calories soft drinks.
Inulin as sweetener

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