Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Benefits of Soft Drinks

The Benefits of Soft Drinks
Soft drinks have certain socioeconomically values and benefits.

They are main sources of the required body water intake in geographical areas where either there is not enough or no potable quality water.

Such area could be, on one hand in densely populated and highly polluted first world countries.

Here it must be pointed put that most soft drinks manufacturers adhere to the principles of treatment and purification of water for their products, and thus, indirectly rendering the locally available polluted water as potable by humans.

On the other hand, these areas may be in underdeveloped countries where natural drinking water sources are either far removed or again, the available water is too polluted.

Or not much less importance is that in our world in which millions of people suffer and die of starvation, soft drinks are simple and immediate source of carbohydrate nutrition – one glass of naturally sweetened soft drinks supplies about 20 g of sugar, which interprets into 320 kJ (76 Cal).

A glass or two of a soft drink can therefore supply a small but significant portion of essential nutrition to such unfortunates.

In addition, not only do soft drinks supply the drinking water but also the natural micronutrients it contains.

The treated water in soft drinks retains most of its original natural minerals content.

In underdeveloped countries, where local cater sources are polluted or are far removed from the community, soft drinks thus supply some of the micronutrients minerals that would have normally been unavailable.

Furthermore, many soft drinks are, for marketing purposes, especially enriched with minerals and vitamins and other nutrients.

Once again, soft drinks serve a nutritional function, especially in poverty stricken and undernourished communities and countries.

The more than 500 billion liters of soft drinks consumed annually are produced in thousands of bottling plants scattered around the world, providing employment for million of workers.

The support industries, such as bottling and canning equipment manufacturers, raw material producers, transport and cargo fleets an many other, in turn, provide gainful employment to still more millions of workers.
The Benefits of Soft Drinks
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